A nation brews…


Canada is a beer producing country and Canadians like beer.


In the early days, brewing was a domestic art, practiced by people in their own homes for personal enjoyment and special occasions. Many of today’s breweries have interesting histories, filled with colourful characters and incredible accomplishments. The rise of “craft” brewing has re-invigorated beer’s brand within Canada.

Today, Canadian beer drinkers have access to one of the largest selections of different beer brands and styles available anywhere in the world. At our last count in spring 2019, Canada is home to almost 1000 breweries and 7000 domestically made brands.

Canada has some natural advantages to brewing beer, one of which is our proximity to home-grown high-quality malting barley. Annually, Canadian brewers buy 300,000 tonnes of this premium-paying crop from Canadian farmers.

The foundation of all beer includes four natural ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water. Today in Canada, beers are designed and developed using a plethora of ingredients that give us more varieties of beer than ever before.

Beer sales in 2018 totalled 22 million hectolitres, 85% of which was beer brewed here at home in a Canadian brewery. By the way, 1 hectolitre (hL) equals 100 litres of beer. 

There are an estimated 10 million beer drinkers in Canada and beer continues to be the leading beverage alcohol category, accounting for 40% of total sales through provincial liquor boards and their agents.

Nearly 1000 breweries of all sizes are employing Canadians all over the country, and the sale of beer supports 149,000 Canadian jobs and a billion dollars in wages and benefits.

The strong market share of Canadian breweries in their home market means the production, distribution, marketing and sale of beer has spin-off benefits across many local industries.

The Perfect Pour

Step 1

Rinse a clean glass meant for beer with cold water.

Step 2

Hold the beer bottle or can almost horizontally and tilt the glass to nearly meet the container’s lip.

Step 3

When the container is half poured, straighten the glass upright.

Step 4

Leave just enough space for the foam to rise to the lip of the glass.

Step 5

Sip, savour and enjoy.

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