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Canadian Beer Day 2024

October 9, 2024

Canadian Beer Day is an annual celebration of the positive social aspects of Canada’s beer culture that helps bring friends, families, and communities together through a shared love of Canadian beer.

Details on how to participate in Canadian Beer Day 2024 festivities will be available soon.

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Canadian Beer: A Cultural Bond That Brings Canadians Together

This year’s Canadian Beer Day theme highlights the social and community nature of Canada’s beer culture from coast-to-coast. Positive social interactions contribute to overall personal well-being and community building.

Celebrate Canadian Beer Day 2024 by toasting our nation’s most iconic drink, now available in more styles than ever, including new no or lower alcohol variations. There’s a Canadian Beer perfect for any occasion.


Host A Canadian Beer Day Event

Beer Canada is here to support the Canada’s brewing community and our hospitality partners. If your organization wants to share their love for Canadian beer by hosting a local event, we are offering curated Canadian Beer Day event kits.

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